“Spatie” provides very useful and powerful packages to the laravel framework you might have seen many developers are struggling around to make role and permissions system, logs activity system and off-course it is time consuming. Spatie provided different packages for it. Similarly, one of the useful package that is activity log package provided by Spatie.

It is mentioned from the name that this package will help the system to get track of the activities that are happening or happened in the system. I write this article to help the developers in the installation process, the installation is given in the…

A chart is a graphical representation for data visualization, in which “the data is represented by symbols, such as bars in a bar chart, lines in a line chart, or slices in a pie chart”.

Nowadays, different mobile and web applications are representing the data in the form of charts. Charts are easily readable and they convey their message to the user with beautiful graphics. There are several other use cases of the charts in the application.

Let’s move on to the topic, I saw many programmers who are struggling to embed dynamic charts in their application, so here I…

The developers who are working in “Spring Boot” very often stuck with this annoying exception, the exception comes when the bean you are trying to access in the main class is not accessible.

Reason of Exception
The exception is caused when we are calling interface object or object of any class present in other packages into the package of main method class. The Spring Boot is not able to scan the bean in the main class.

Explanation with an example

Consider I have a controller by the name of “HomeController” and it is present in the package of controller.

Package name : com.spring.crud.controller


As we know React-native is composed of functional and class components. In functional components, you might see hooks concept very often which sounds confusing to the developer without having the prior knowledge of hooks. The aim of this tutorial is to develop refreshController in react native with class components which is not even available in the official docs of react-native. It should be noticed that the class components have more extensive abilities as compare to functional components, many developers prefer to use class components.

Objective: Adding loader to a screen using “pull down” to refresh screen feature by using Class…

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